GZOPA Second Seminar:

3G Communication and Its Impact to Our Life

Dear members and friends,

You may know Verizon is a mobile phone service provider with a relatively more accessible network. But did you notice that biggest three laptop makers in the world, Dell, HP, and Lenovo (called Legend before) will add Verizon wireless technology to their laptop PCs, instead of using an add-card such V620, for faster speed wireless Internet connection? This is something new and significant enough for us to pay attention. I am pleased to announce GZOPA's seminar on 3G wireless technologies. The speaker, Dr. Xuming Chen, will give us a snap shot for what this new 3G technology means to us.

Where: Abmaxis, Inc. 3303 Octavius Drive, Suite 103, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (map)
When: 2:00pm - 2:45pm, Oct. 16, 2005, Sunday.
Admission is free, but RSVP by Friday (Oct. 14, 2005) is required due to limited seats.
It is first-come-first-serve.
Contact: RSVP to: GZOPA_info@yahoo.com or call 408-4802647

Sam Liu
President of GZOPA

Presentation Topic:

Introduce telecommunication evolution from 1G to 3G and the technologies. Discuss current and future 3G applications as well as their influence to our daily life.

Speaker's short Bio:

Dr. Xuming Chen graduated from Guizhou University in 1981 and entered Chinese Science Academy to continue his study in mathematics in 1982. He obtained a full UNESCO fellowship to come to United States in 1983 after fierce academic competitions and graduated at Wayne State University with Ph.D in mathematics in 1990.

He started his working career at Ford Motor Company before joining Motorola in 1994. During his tenure at Motorola, He worked as the chief system architect for Motorola messaging systems, manager of system architecture, director of technology planning, director of network operation, and director of business development making significantly contributions to its cellular telecommunication growth and pioneering wireless data and Internet applications in Asia, especially in greater China region.

He is currently working at Verizon wireless in the area of planning for its CDMA2000, 1XRTT, and 3G networks and wireless data applications. As chief messaging application architect, he has managed to greatly expand Short Message Services and successfully deploy Picture Message Services for the company.

Dr. Chen is also one of GZOPA board of directors.