Appreciation Letter from GZOPA for GZOPA 2012 Chinese New Year Party

GZOPA 2012 Chinese New Year party on Feb 4 was a great success!

We received many phone calls, emails from sponsors, guests and members to share their good feelings for the party and appreciations. Both Singtao and World Journal had good coverage for the event.

World Journal 世界日报报道

Singtao Daily 星岛日报报道

We want to thank all the volunteers for their hard work, all the performers for their excellent performances and all the sponsors for their generous supports and specially, thank James Li and Lanlan tang for being the event hosts:

To celebrate the success of GZOPA 2012 Chinese Year Party and appreciate sponsors, volunteers and performers, GZOPA held a Thank-you luncheon at Chef Yu’s in Sunnyvale on Feb 18, 2012.

Over thirty sponsors, volunteers and representatives of performing groups attended the luncheon. The thank-you lunch went very well. Everyone attended had a great time.

海外贵州促进会 GZOPA
Feb, 2012