Appreciation Letter from GZOPA for 2010 Chinese New Year Dinner Party

Dear Members and Friends,

With everyone's participation and hard work, we had a very successful event, our annual Chinese new year party, on Jan. 30, Saturday. After the party, we received a lot of phone calls, text messages, and emails from many attendees to tell us they had a good time and appreciated our work. The local media also reported this event as attached.

We are glad to share some pictures taken by Yi Zhang. Some pictures taken by Shiying. Thanks.

Firstly, we want to thank all the volunteers for helping on various activities, including setup and clean up, registration, food preparation and serving, kids caring, and etc. They were fully committed and worked diligently. We deeply appreciate their dedication.

  • Registration & Kids Program: Pei Wang
  • Decoration & Setup: Guichuan Tang, Chaoqiang (Robert) Chen, Larry Wang
  • Food group: Linda Yang, Joan Zhou, Zhi Zou, Stanley Zhou, Cynthia Cai, Hazel Xu

We want to thank two Miss Singtao girls (2009年度星島親善小姐劉彥沁小姐 and 2009年星岛最有人气小姐王依凡小姐) for their excellent work.

We are very grateful to all the performers and the MC. Their first-class professional performances were extraordinary!

  • 说说唱唱-迎新年(乌鸦黄狗宣传队)
  • 独唱 冰糖葫芦(李清领事)
  • 独唱 硬币,千千阙歌(李政)
  • 舞蹈 春天在哪里(Achieve learning center 艺术团)
  • 独唱 老鼠爱大米(刘丽亚)
  • 相声 颠三倒四 (姜华章,李刚)
  • 舞蹈 铃儿响叮当(Achieve learning center 艺术团)
  • 男高音独唱 牡丹之歌,请让她相信(刘德中)
  • 诗朗诵 将进酒-李白(周虹)
  • 时装表演 (Valley Angle 时装队,指导老师:董雪花)

The generous contributions from all the sponsors made this event possible. We sincerely appreciate their supports.

  • Allied Biotech Inc. (ABI)
  • Newnex Technology Corp.
  • Kitty Cancer Fund - Helping Silicon Valley Care, Kitty Liu
  • Avenue Realty and Avenue Financial, Shirley Shi, Broker and Owner
  • Silicon Valley Acupuncture and TCM, 硅谷针灸中医中心, Katherine Sun (孙依群)
  • House of Psalms Assisted Living for Seniors, 赞美之家老人护理院, Yanling Chen
  • Mengshen Furniture Factory Direct Inc., 梦神床垫直销公司, Jane Zhang
  • Message2China, 中国信国际短信服务, Yi Zhang
  • Sandy & Samuel Lee
  • ANG Financial Services Inc., Irene (Pay-Min) Chang, MBA, CFP
  • P.C.T Inc.
  • Michael Yu Jagchid, 于崇德, CPA (注册会计师)
  • Zhongguancun Science Park's Silicon Valley Office, 谈锋主任
  • 硅谷女性协会 会长明瑛 (sponsorship and gifts for raffle drawing)
  • 美国旧金山游子吟合唱团, 清羽合唱团团长张宁远
  • Media sponsors: Singtao Daily, World Journal

We also want to thank the following invited guests for their participation and generous gifts for raffle drawing:

  • 北加州湖北同乡会会长黄砚农for the art paining
  • 99people Founder and CEO Iris Lei for the gift card

We also want to thank

  • 华东师范大学北加州校友会会长陈炳良
  • 美中上海友好协会会长戴铭康
for providing Shanghai 2010 Expo passes for raffling drawing and helping transferring GZOPA donation to Guizhou student Xu Ning in 华东师范大学.

If we miss any volunteer or participant for his/her contribution, please let us know right away, we will make corrections immediately.

Last but not least, we want to thank all of you for attending. It is your participation that made this event so unique and so unforgettable!

Thank you!