Appreciation Letter from GZOPA for 2009 Chinese New Year Dinner Party

Dear Members and Friends,

With everyone’s hard work, we had a very successful event on Jan. 31. Local media such as newspapers, Singtao Chinese Radio and TV Channel 21 etc., all sent reporters to cover this event. After the party, we received a lot of phone calls, text messages, and emails from many attendees to tell us they had a good time and appreciated our work.

We had a great number of volunteers to help for various activities, such as food preparing and distributing, set-up/clean-up, registration and entertainments for adults and kids, etc. They were fully committed and worked diligently. It is worth mentioning that quite a few volunteers not only donated their time but also provide financial assistance by purchasing additional tickets. We deeply appreciate their dedications.

We are very grateful to all the performers and the MC. Their first-class professional performances were extraordinary!

The generous contributions from all the sponsors made this event possible. We sincerely appreciate their supports.

Last but not least, we want to thank all of you for attending. It is your participation that made this event so unique and so unforgettable!

Thank you!


List of people we would like to extend our special appreciation:

郦志坚 (James Li) 主持人
曹晓琴 ( Annie Cao) 女生独唱
赵夏阳 (Shine Zhao) 男生独唱
李明阳 相 声
姜华章 相 声
吴伟圻 男高音
Tengjun Wang Ballroom Dance (王滕骏)
Sarah Young Ballroom Dance
牟文妮 民族舞
Jean Tang (唐丽锦) 女生合唱
Jiao Zhang (张娇) 女生合唱
Alice Tong (童敏之) 女生合唱


- Food Group:
Huafang Ji
Ming Liu,
Lisa Guo and her mother
Sandy Lee
Gao Ping
Joan Zhou (周琼)
Linda Yang (杨健平)
Su Qin
Shelley Peng (白时兰)
Shen Xi Yu
Kevin He

- Registration Group:
Joyce Yang (杨惠琼)
Sijia Wu
Runlin Dong
Linda Jia

- Kids Game Group:
May Wu (吴颐)
Eric Liu (刘幻远)

- Adults Game Group:
Wen Tang (唐雯)
Zhanzhi Hu (胡湛智)

- Set-up Group:
Danny Wang (汪承彧)
Guanchuan Tang (唐贵川)
Cynthia Cai (蔡霞)
Weide Fu (傅伟德)