We Care! We Stand United! Donations for Tsunami ...

Dear members and friends,

We were all shocked by the devastating disaster of Tsunami, which has affected tens of millions of people in South Asia and East Africa. To join the global relief efforts, GZOPA has teamed up with several dozen other local Chinese none-profit organizations to jointly raise fund to help the people affected. The Northern California Chinese Coalition (NCCC) for Tsunami Relief has been set up to coordinate such effort. GZOPA Board Director, Tingting Yan is actively participating in NCCC on behalf of GZOPA.

We encourage GZOPA members to make generous donations. Please write down "GZOPA Member" on the "memo" field of your check. This is important since we would like to count the total amount of donations from our Chinese community. We will show the world that we Chinese community do care, and are willing to give a hand whenever it is needed

Please see the attached annoucement from NCCC for more details. Thanks for your kindness and supports.

GZOPA Board of Directors

We Care! We Stand United!

Dear Friends,

Please take a short moment in your life, to imagine that this is your neighborhood:

Tsunami 1

And this is your home:

Tsunami 2

Please imagine that this is you, holding the hand of your son, who used to be the joy and hope of your life:

Tsunami 3

Please image how you would feel if you are one of the persons in this scene, bereft of your near and dear:

Tsunami 4

Dear friend, we are all so fortunate not to be affected by the deadly tsunami. But in other places of the world, millions of people lost their love ones, their homes, and virtually everything they once owned. They are waiting for your help so that they can feed their family:

Tsunami 5

Dear friend, please act to help right now. Please pull out your checkbook and write a check payable to: American Red Cross

Mail to: Help-U-Sell, 108 Town and Country, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

(Help-U-Sell collects the checks for NCCC and will pass them to American Read Cross free of charge)

Your check can be of any amount. Please make sure that your correct mailing address appears on your check so that American Red Cross can send you a receipt for tax deduction. We also suggest you write: "Tsunami Relief / Name of your association" in the Memo field of the check

The Northern California Chinese Coalition (NCCC) for Tsunami Relief, a coalition of more than 60 local Chinese Associations (Please see the fast-growing association list at the end of this message), will pool the checks from the local Chinese community together, and deliver them weekly to American Red Cross. No, we are not the first organization to come to you for donation, because we are purely run by volunteers contributing our spared time. But by donating your money this way, you not only help the tsunami victims, you also help to unite the local Chinese community, and send a loud message to the main stream society that Chinese (American) do care and support other communities – A big check has a much bigger impact than thousands of small checks. In the future, the same organizing mechanism can be quickly used to help other communities, possibly of the people dearest to us.

Because your check is payable to American Red Cross, nobody can embezzle your money. For extra convenience, you can also make your tax-deductible donation by credit card online at: http://www.scea.org/events/Tsunami.htm

Note that Paypal, the online credit card processing company (which has no relationship with NCCC), will charge 3% of every transaction as usual. As such, only 97% will go to CPAA which will account how much money NCCC has raised and relay the money to American Red Cross. We therefore encourage you to donate by check. Within 10 days, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt from CPAA, an organization helping NCCC to collect online donations. Please note that CPAA provides their service 100% free of charge.

Please also note that if you make your donation in January for tsunami relief, your donation will be tax deductible for year 2004, according to a recent legislature.

If you have further questions about your donation either by check or by credit card, please feel free to contact:

Jenny Guo, jguo988@yahoo.com, (408)476-9188
Jianming Wu, jwufirst@yahoo.com, (650)533-9468

NCCC are very encouraged to see overwhelming responses from our member associations:

In addition to making the donation, please forward this message to your friends, family members, and colleagues. Let’s unite to make a bigger impact! And may your generosity bring happiness and joy to your heart!


Northern California Chinese Coalition (NCCC) for Tsunami Relief
Please see the complete association list at: http://www.scea.org/events/Tsunami.htm

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